2016 Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended the 2016 Annual Homeowners meeting.  In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

1. Amy Justice from the City Councilman office made a presentation and took questions.

2. Dana Meachum, our neighborhood crime watch , encouraged residents to report any crime to her so that can be shared with other neighbors.

3. Nathan Dulle presented the treasure’s report.

4. Jim Kenney was present to share his landscaping/planting schedule for the front entrance and walkway for upcoming year.

5. Neighborhood Garage Sale is Saturday  June 4th.

6. Dumpster Days are June 6th and 7th at Hope Fellowship Church lower parking lot. Remember, no paint, tires, motors of any kind or yard waste. As the date approaches, we will post a list of items NOT permitted in the dumpster.

7. A motion was made and passed to approve a change in the By-Laws regarding the number of directors and length of term. Details can be found in the minutes.

8. 3 New Board Members were nominated and will be appointed by the Board. The new Board Members are Rebecca Martin, Martin Hutton and Shmael Siryon.

9. There was open discussion about the ponds and insect concerns, poop bag stations for pet waste

10. A drawing was held for free dues. Congratulations to Michelle Miller and Julie Kloeppel!


The official 2016 meeting minutes can be found here


Annual Homeowners Meeting is April 19th, 2016

mark_calendarMark your calendar, the annual Brittany Oaks Homeowners Association meeting is planned for Tuesday, April 19 at 7:00pm.

The meeting will be held at Hope Fellowship Church, located in front of the neighborhood. All Brittany Oaks homeowners are encouraged to attend!

Topics for Discussion:

  • Treasurer’s report and financials
  • Crime updates. We’ll ask our KCPD community officer from North Patrol to stop by and answer questions.
  • Neighborhood issues and projects
  • Nomination and election of one new Board member.
  • Announcement of dates for neighborhood dumpster days and the annual garage sale
  • UPDATE: Open discussion with City Councilman Dan Fowler

Dan Fowler represents Kansas City’s 2nd District. For the 2015-2019 council term, Mayor Sly James has appointed Fowler to serve as Chairman of the Ethics and Legal Review Committee, Vice Chair of the  Housing Committee and Vice Chair of the Airport Committee. He is also a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Dan is a longtime Northlander and has been involved in public service for more than 25 years. He is committed to building and fostering safe and vibrant neighborhoods that attract families and sustain a thriving city.

Dan is actively involved in several community service programs and organizations, including Northland Neighborhoods, Inc., Northland Health Care Access, Metro Care, and the Port Authority of Kansas City.

As encouragement to attend, there will be Two Drawings for Free Annual Homeowners Dues!

Hope to see you there!


Package Thefts in Brittany Oaks

There have been several reports of stolen UPS and Fedex packages in our neighborhood as well as some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Here are some surveillance camera photos that were uploaded to our neighborhood page on NextDoor.com. If you recognize this person or notice anything going on please contact the KCPD. Reports have been filed and it could help with the investigation.

Read more on https://brittanyoaksmo.nextdoor.com



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2015 Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended the 2015 Annual Homeowners meeting.  In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

Officer Buckhalter from the KCPD North Patrol shared some neighborhood crime stats and asked everyone to keep their eyes open for suspicious activity. He explained how reporting such activity helps the department with leads for related crimes in the area. He urged homeowners to visit crimereports.com and learn about what is happening in our area. Officer Buckhalter answered some questions and offered his contact information to anyone who has concerns about crime in our neighborhood.

Officer Paul Burkhalter
Community Interaction Officer

Larry Boeshart presented the treasurer’s report. If you missed the meeting and would like to review this information, please contact Larry at (816) 734-0201.

The board held an open discussion with homeowners about concerns in the neighborhood. Among these concerns were the topic of boats and trailers in driveways, and what is considered a reasonable time frame during the Spring and Summer seasons. Nathan Dulle pointed out that the HOA board does not actively search for violations, but will act as a mediator between neighbors and initiate action to enforce the rules as necessary. A neighbor also discussed her experience with the city when she called the 3-1-1 action center regarding deteriorating and broken curbs in front of her house. The city came out and cited HER and then stuck them with a $4000 bill. In Kansas City, HOMEOWNERS are responsible for the curbs in front of their property. You might keep this in mind if you have damaged curbs near your home.

Some neighbors mentioned receiving a postcard from Nextdoor.com, a private social network just for neighbors in Brittany Oaks. It seems like a great way for our neighborhood to communicate privately. As of July 1st, 48 homes have already signed up. CLICK HERE if you would like an invitation.

The President and two board positions were vacated in the past year from board members who moved away. Current Vice President Todd Schreck will also be moving away in the near future. Elections were held to fill these positions and we welcome Sharon Gottschalk and Riley Davis as new board members, Bob Brunker as Vice President and Nathan Dulle as President. Nathan just finished a three year term as a board member and made many positive contributions during his term.  Thank you to all of these neighbors for stepping up and helping the neighborhood. We would also like to thank outgoing officers Jim Keeney and Todd Schreck who served many years leading our board. We wish you good luck in your new homes.

The official meeting minutes can be found here.