Block Captains:

1. Rebecca Martin, 8200 block of NW 82nd Ct
2. Lori Denali , 8300 block of NW 83rd St
3. Mike Rivers, 8300 block of NW 82nd St. & N. Conant
4. Alan Keehler, 8300-8316 NW 81st Terr.
5. Need, 8200 block of N. Nodaway
6. Roberto Rodriquez, 8100 block of N. Nodaway
7. Need, 8200 block of NW 81st Pl
8. Gayle Young, 8100 block of NW 81st Pl
9. Julie Kloppel, 8100 block of NW 81st Ct
10. Need, 8200 block of NW 81st Ct
11. Need, 8100 block of NW 80th Terr.
12. Boon Lee, West of Tipton on 80th Terr. (3rd Phase)
13. Tim Kearns, East of Tipton on 80th Street (3rd Phase)
14. Robert Miller – 8000 block of N. Nodaway (3rd Phase)

Block Captain Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as liaison between the Coordinator and the neighbors on your block.
  • Maintain a list of neighbors on your block, including name, address, work phone, vehicle type and license number.
  • Attend a training session to know what might be considered suspicious.
  • Notify neighbors of any crime trends.