Neighborhood Projects

5/14/12 – This Summer some sprucing up and minor repairs will be done to the walkway that runs between 81st Ct and the field behind the school. In addition, a small wooden bridge will be built and placed over the ditch at the end of the path to help the children cross at that point. The path repairs and bridge should be completed by this Fall when the new school year begins.

11/12/04 – The tree project is completed. All the trees have been planted on the cul de Sac’s. They look great! Special thanks to Jim Keeney for coordinating the plantings. Please remember to take care of the trees in front of your houses. All the trees in the neighborhood including the front entrance have been re-mulched. Thanks to Steve Rogers and Jim Keeney and all that helped with that project.

10/21/04 – New Trees The new tress will be planted in the Cul de sac. As mentioned before we are considering planting Purple Ash. The board members have talked to most of the home owners in the cul de sacs about planting trees in the easement between the side walk and road. Anyone on a cul de sac that has not been contacted and wants to have a tree planted, please contact Jim Keeney. We got a deal again on the trees. They will be similar in size to the ones planted last year. The cost is $80.00 a tree. We are looking about 70 new trees. If anyone has any question please contact Jim Keeney.

09/03/04 – Retention Ponds: Holly Meyer met with Steve from the Conservation Department concerning the clean up/ beautification of our retention ponds. He came out and looked at our ponds. Holly said he is going to be able to help us out so much.

First, he is going to check with his boss about the possibility of the Conservation Department absorbing 75% of the cost for the project.

Second, he is going to write a detailed report on what should be done with our ponds to help keep them trash free and functional and send it to Holly. The proposed work that needs to be done will start in winter with clean up of the pond (when all the plants have died). Steve will provide us with a list of names of people that we can hire. The next thing would be to kill out the bad plants and plant new ones. He also suggested that we should put up “No Dumping” signs around the pond and install farm fencing near the openings of the drains. This will help keep the trash in that area and make it easier to clean up. He said that most of the large trash/wood is from people dumping. Steve did say due to the large volume of work we may not hear from him until October.

More information will be available when we get a copy of the report. Any questions should be directed to Holy Meyer.

08/26/04 – More Trees Coming We are now looking at finishing the tree planted project this year. We were able to get a good deal on trees again and would like to finish the cul de sacs. The tress that we are proposing to plant are Purple Ash. Several Board members will be around to talk to the homeowners about their interest in having a tree planted in front of their house. Of course we would like you to help care for the tree as well by watering and trimming if necessary. More information about the cost will be coming soon.

Retention Pond A chemical has been added to the retention ponds to help remove the green film from building up on the ponds. More information coming.

The Brittany Oaks Board is proud to announce that the walkway has been completed. It looks great. Be sure to walk by and have a look.

This path will allow a convenient and safe access for children who walk to Park Hill School. We encourage you to have your children use the walkway when walking to the school. We are also contacting the Park Hill School District to encourage them to continue the walkway and or to do other improvements to the area.

The Landscape Company that did the project is Wardrip Landscapers Inc. Wardrip is located at 6600 NW Cookingham Drive. Kansas City, Mo 64164. They have been in business 22 years and their focus is exclusively landscape construction. Their services include landscape design and installation, irrigation systems, concrete paver and modular concrete block wall installation, water gardens and falls, landscape lighting, boulder retaining wall construction , and snow removal. In addition, they have a 60-acre tree farm. Wardrip has recently designed and installed landscaping throughout Tremont Manor. They have also landscaped numerous homes in The National, Tiffany Greens and Thousands Oaks

The total project cost was $11,431.13.

Another exciting project that is now complete is the tree planting. The trees really make the neighborhood look nice. Just think about how beautiful they will look a few years from now when all the leaves are changing colors. The trees will produce red and yellow leaves.

Please help take care of the trees by keeping them watered and trimmed.

The next tree project will be done next year at that time we will concentrate on the cul de sacs. The plan is to have another type of tree planted in the cul de sacs.

Have you noticed? The construction along Barry Road has started again. The new company hired to complete the project is Pyramid Construction. Although the delay in work has put the road project behind schedule, they are concentrating most of their efforts on completing the area in front of Zona Rosa and the new Prairie View Road. They planned to have it paved by Thanksgiving. The new estimated time of completion for the rest of West Barry Road to Congress is April 2004.