Neighborhood Dumpster Dates

A dumpster will be placed in the church parking lot on Monday, June 15th sometime before noon for Brittany Oaks residents to use during their Spring cleaning projects. It will be picked up late in the day on Tuesday, June 16th.  If the dumpster is full on Monday, please don’t continue to overfill it. Another dumpster will follow.

The dumpster use is for Brittany Oaks Homeowners ONLY. The dumpster will be monitored. Proof of residency in Brittany Oaks will be required. Any “unwelcomed” items could be subject to a $100 fine by the disposal company.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Please break down bulky objects as much as possible in order to minimize wasted space in the dumpster. This has been a big problem in the past!
  • No major appliances, lawnmowers, etc.
  • No tires or batteries.
  • No liquid paint, motor oil or hazardous materials.
  • No brush/yard waste.

Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation!