Crime Prevention


Our neighborhood contact at the police department is Officer Paul Burkhalter. Paul is a Community Interaction Officer assigned to assist the community with crime related issues that are not effectively handled by a call to 911. These can include anything from long-term disputes with neighbors to educating the community how they can best get police services possible. Paul spoke at the last Brittany Oaks annual meeting and offered his contact information to anyone with a concern.

Feel free to contact Paul at the North Patrol Division:

Officer Paul Burkhalter
Community Interaction Officer
[email protected]

Tips from the North Patrol Division for Crime Prevention:

Burglary Prevention

  1. Make sure that all window and doors are secure

  2. If you have an alarm system, use it.

  3. Utilize lights in and around your home.  Use timer or motion sensors.

  4. Make sure your neighbors know when you will be gone for any length or time

  5. Have neighbors or friends collect papers, door hangers, etc.

  6. Have mail held at Post Office.

  7. Make sure that bushes in front of windows are trimmed low, so someone could  not hide behind them.

  8. Make sure you have strong locks on doors, (deadbolts with 3/4 throw)

  9. Make sure door frames are strong enough to withstand force.

  10. Be a good neighbor and watch out for each other.

  11. If you see something suspicious (person or vehicles) call the police and report it.

  12. Also record the license and description (make , model and color) of any suspicious vehicle or person.

Auto Theft Prevention

  1. Don't leave you car unlocked.

  2. Don't leave your keys in the vehicle, in the ignition or just laying inside.

  3. If you have theft prevention devices, utilize them.

  4. Park your vehicle in well lighted areas.

  5. Don't leave your vehicle unoccupied and running, especially in convenience store parking lots.

  6. Some vehicles are more easily stolen than others.  Determine if yours is one of those and take steps to make it theft proof.

Stealing from Auto Prevention

  1. Always lock your car with the windows completely up.

  2. Do not leave anything of value inside your vehicle (Cell phones, Radios, Briefcases, packages, etc.)

  3. If you don't want to take items with you, put them in the trunk.

  4. Park in well lighted areas.

  5. Don't leave anything valuable on the dashboard.

These tips are given in hope that you will follow them and can all be safer and more secure.  If you don't give a thief the opportunity, they can't make you their next victim.