2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homeowners Association
Minutes of Annual Meeting
23, June 2020

Meeting at Hope Fellowship Baptist Church Parking Lot commenced at 7:05 pm

Board members present Frances Baker, Riley Davis, Sarah Dougherty, Kevin Edwards

Introduction of Officers:

Meeting called to order by President, Kevin Edwards and officers was introduced. The Accountant, Larry Boeshart was introduced as well as the person responsible for the BOHA website (Mick Thompson).

Introduction of Guest City Council:

Dan Fowler (In District) and Teresa Loar (At Large)


Dan Fowler: Curbs and Sidewalks. The city is responsible for curbs and sidewalks not the homeowners. There is a limited budget for curbs and sidewalks for the entire City.  As a result, there curbs and sidewalks are prioritized based on a scoring criterion. For example, curbs and sidewalks near schools, bus stop or transits, hospitals, libraries, community centers receive a higher score than curbs and sidewalks in a residential area would be at the bottom of the scoring criterion with respect to priority. Both Dan and Theresa have some discretionary funds (about 4.3 million) for sidewalks and repairs but the requests they receive, about 80 mil far exceeds the discretionary funding.

Trimming of Trees: – Dan stated that the Forester has been on vacation but will call the Kevin, board president tomorrow. The Forester stated that 85 Ash trees in BO and 60 been earmarked for treatment. If they are in good condition, a door hanger will be placed on the homeowner’s door indicating treatment. If they are found to be in poor or less condition, they will be scheduled for removal. Don’t expect works of art for the tree trimming. Kevin ask if the Association paid someone to trim the trees can BO be reimbursed by the City. Dan Fowler indicated most likely not and in fact, BO may need to obtain a permit to do so.

Zona Rosa Future update -Teresa Loar-: Teresa and Dan met with the new manager for Zona Rosa but did not receive any significant updates. Discussed adding more restaurants, bars because retail stores all over the united states including Zona Rosa are closing and on the downward slide. The new manager could not offer any updates on getting new tenants. There is a conglomerate of investors who owns Zona Rosa. There were some improvements that included the removal parking meters. The investors have discussed adding hotels, building more apartments, and due to the global pandemic, all ideas for improvements have stalled.

Barry Road – Quik Trip – Dan stated that QT has purchased the land for future expansion where Williams currently resides; however, they have a lease in place with Sherwin Williams for the next 5-6 years.

Road Construction Update: -I-29 Exits – Dan and Teresa commented the North side(64th Street) is completed and now are working on south side of I-29.

Community Interaction Officer:

Officer Lance Lenz is the Community Interaction Officer from Kansas City Police Department for BO area. Officer Lenz is the CIO and he’s located at the North Patrol Division near the airport. Officer Lenz attended a division crime meeting last Tuesday and no specific crime patterns was noted for the BO area. The number one problem for neighborhoods in the north patrol is theft from cars. Do not leave items of value or perceived value in your car, lock your car and please do not leave firearms in your car. Burglaries occur because of garage doors being left opened or garage openers left in cars.

A question was raised regarding golf carts, minibikes and all-terrain vehicles. Specifically, is there an age limit to operate these types of vehicles because some residents noted children under the age of 12 have been seen on them. Officer Lenz indicated that golf carts appear to be more a gray area but are considered motorized vehicles. However, they are not required to be licensed so it opens the door for ongoing debate. Officer Lenz acknowledged that if a parent allows a child to operate a golf cart on a city street, the parent can be cited for allowing a minor to operate a golf cart and since the city and state regulates them as motorized vehicles, they are obligated to follow traffic laws even though they are not able to be licensed or plated. If there is a recurrent problem, Officer Lenz may discuss the issue with the parent and attempt to resolve through mediation.

What about motorized scooters? – Residents are concerned about the safety of kids on motorized scooters. Residents can reach out to Officer Lenz individually and the issue can be addressed with the parent.

Officer Lenz contact information can be accessed via BOHA website. Officer Lenz also post tips etc. on the Nextdoor App.

Neighborhood Watch – Dana Meachum absent (No report)

Question from BO Resident regarding a pending litigation matter with BOHA. vs Phoebe Hudspeth. Mrs. Hudspeth indicated that she had sent emails to both Dan Fowler and Teresa Loar regarding the issue she’s having with BOHA. She stated Mayor’s office instructed to contact the City Councilman. The Board President, Kevin advised that this is a legal issue that is in litigation and therefore cannot be discussed at this meeting. Mrs. Hudspeth is welcome to discuss with the city council representatives later. Mrs. Hudspeth was advised that the Board has discussed her proposal and it was rejected but since this is now a legal issue, all discussions must be made through the attorneys for Mrs. Hudspeth and BOHA attorneys. Dan Fowler acknowledge that he received Mrs. Hudspeth email and stated that his aide should have sent Mrs. Hudspeth a reply. He stated that the City does not regulate homes association as they are private and must be settled between the homeowner and the homes association. He stated that there are mediation services that may be available to resolve the dispute.

BOHA Financials – Larry Boeshart, CPA

• Jan- Dec 31, 2019- Dues collected – $15,820, Interest income of $301.51 – Total Income and Profit – $16,121.51. Two biggest cost is front entrance and lawn mowing. After expenses of accounting services, front entrance costs, ice cream social, insurance, internet costs, law mowing, legal fees, postage & po box, taxes and utilities, the net income in excess of $1,494.64

• Jan-May – 2020- Interest Income of $106.38, total expense for items listed above – $1.891.08. Net Income of YTD loss -$1,784.70. This will be caught up when dues are collected starting Sept. 1.

• Current Assets – Checking – $1,729.67. Money Market – $30,490.33 Total Checking – $32,220.00. Accounts Receivable – $3147.45 – Total Current Assets – $35,367.45

Front Entrance Maintenance
A question was raised about the front entrance maintenance. There is some repair work that needs to be done but due to COVID-19, the company, Embassy Landscaping Group that does maintenance and repair of the front entrance is behind and still getting caught up. The company has acknowledged that the BOHA will not be charged for missed services. The Board is open to reviewing other contracts for the front entrance.

Question regarding snow removal – Dues does not include snow removal. It is costly. The snow removal contracts require a guarantee of payment even when it doesn’t snow.

What’s included in Dues
Question regarding what dues cover – Includes all landscaping, drainage pond, repair and maintenance of front entrance, covers all mowing of back entrance including weeds, covers all maintenance and removal of debris, trash of the retention pond that requires continuous cleaning and maintenance. Last year 54 bags of trash were collected due to dumping in the drainage creek behind BO houses.

Election of Officers

• Kevin Edwards, Board President term is up and Riley Davis, VP President term is up.
• Once the Board is selected, the Officers are then elected at the Board meeting. Motion made, second and carried for the nominations of board members below.
• Pat Dougherty nominated and voted in as a Board member
• Margo Willett nominated and voted in as a Board member.
• Brandi Weaver nominated and voted in as a Board member.

Current Neighborhood Projects

HOA Management Company- Still looking for a company that will manage BOHA. Management will assist with issues/concerns etc. As we get more information. It will be posted on the website. Management company will respond only when they receive complaints.

Mowing: Please contact BOHA with any questions regarding the moving of front and back entrance. Residents are asked not to dump weeds behind Mace road. Also, residents should not clog the drains. It is a KCMO 311 violation and residents can file a complaint with the City. Any dumping in the creek in the front entrance on the church property or BOHA property is also prohibited.

Additional Maintenance Concerns: .- No questions.


  • Blowing grass clippings into streets and leaves in drainage is a 311 violation and is therefore prohibited.
  • Dead trees between sidewalk and road should be reported to KCMO 311 hotline.
    Curbs – Contact 311 hotline.
  • Animals – (1) Please clean up after your dog. (2) Chickens and chicken coop. The HOA by-laws prohibits chickens or outdoor structures such as chicken coops. It requires a permit. A 311 complaint has been made. HOA is trying to avoid a legal issue and litigation so hopefully, this will be resolved with the 311 complaint. HOA will pursue legal remedies if necessary. Litigation fees will not be the responsibility of HOA.

Other concerns:

Boats can be out in driveway from, May 1 through October 1. Warm month rules apply.

Drawing for two free annual dues:
Winners: Frances Baker and Martina Derra

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm