2021 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homeowners Association
Minutes of Annual Meeting

27th April 2021


Meeting at Hope Fellowship Baptist Church commenced at 7:00 pm

Board members present – Frances Baker, Sarah Dougherty, Patrick Dougherty, Brandi Weaver, Margo Willett

Accountant – Larry Boeshart, Absent

City Councilperson – Teresa Loar, Councilwoman (2nd District) – Present

Dan Fowler, Councilman (2nd District) – Absent

Meeting called to order by President, Margo Willett

Current Neighborhood Updates.

Mowing – BOHA will continue to use Quality Lawn Service for mowing. Mowing includes:

Front entrance, (east side of Conant), sidewalk areas.
Easements – Quality Lawn keeps the area around the retention pond cleaned. There are times, when trash, leaves, yard waste is cleaned that others have placed in the retention pond area.
Back Entrance – Mace road – to avoid blind spot when the grass is too high when attempting to exit the subdivision.

Sprinkler at the front entrance – BOHA incurred some cost last year, lines and sprinkler head needed to be replaced. We used and will continue the services with Kansas City Lawn Sprinklers to maintenance the system. BOHA will begin to reimburse the church for the use of their water at the front entrance.

Landscaping- Embassy Landscaping current contract has expired. BOHA has decided not to renew the Agreement. Plants and maintenance will be completed by board members.

Quality Lawn performed Spring cleaning and replaced the mulch and remove weeds, brush, and dead grass, and the walkway on 81st Court.

Broken lights were also replaced.

Sidewalk on Mace Road- Dave Codding , resident of BO went to the City of KC and completed the paperwork to start the process for the City to put a sidewalk on Mace road. (N. Nodaway Avenue to NW 79th Ter. Update after the meeting: additional funding will be needed. Another PIAC application was completed. We will be informed April 2022 if the project will be funded.

Trees- The trees that are between the roads and sidewalks are the responsibility of the City of Kansas City which includes trimming and/or removal. Homeowners can call 311 to report.

Children playing in streets – Be cognizant of the children in the subdivision when driving. There are times when children are playing in the streets. We ask that parents remind their children not to play in the streets within the subdivision.

Pet Waste- As a reminder, please pick up your dog waste and carry a plastic bag to pick up your dog waste. Complaints may be referred to Kansas City 311 Action as it is a city ordinance, Sec. 14-19 – Disposal of manure: removal of waste.

Removal of Yard Waste- Please avoid dumpling leaves, tree clippings, twigs, etc… in the street or dumping them in the sewer. They can be taken to the recycling center on Saturday mornings, or a composite service will pick it up for a small fee.

Annual garage sale – There will not be an annual garage sale this year.

By-Laws Compliance -The Board just want to extend “Thanks” to all the BO residents who abides by the BO bylaws with respect to annual payment of dues, storage of boats, trailers, and upkeep of homes.

Online Payment for dues – There is now an option to pay your dues online via the website. A big thanks to Mick Thompson for making this process possible and maintaining the website. When the annual invoice goes out, there will be a link included in the letter as an option to pay online. In addition, the receipt of payment is generated at the time of the payment.

Financial Report

The report reviewed income and expenses in the checking account and well as the balance in the money market account.

Updates from City Councilwoman Teresa Loar

Sidewalk updates – Will check to see where the order to complete the sidewalk is on the list by the City Homeless concerns – The City continues to address the needs of the homeless .The KCPD has ask that citizens do not give those who panhandle money.

Community organizations continue to work with the homeless to assist with securing housing and address their other needs.

Soccer Park – The soccer park for the Northland has been approved. It will be located at 152 and Platte Purchase Road.

Data Center – More to come on this initiative.

Airport – Continues to be right on schedule. Scheduled to open on March 2023.

World Cup- In the running for this event.

Last, do not hesitate to call 311 for assistance for any problems or concerns that is the City’s responsibility.

Drawing for two free annual dues:
Winners: Frances Baker and Sarah Dougherty

Meeting adjourned at 7: 55 pm