2022 Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions

Officers: 3 positions have completed their 3rd year

  • Margo Willett – President (2/3 – 2023)
  • Sarah Dougherty – Vice-President (3/3 – 2022)
  • Frances Baker – Secretary (3/3- 2022)
  • Brandi Weaver – Board Member (3/3 – 2022)
  • Pat Dougherty – Board Member (2/3 – 2023)

City Councilperson

  • Dan Fowler, Councilman (2ND District)
  • Teresa Loar, Councilwoman (2nd District at Large)
  1. Current Neighborhood Updates
    1. Easement areas: service will continue to be maintained by Quality Lawn and Landscaping, Inc (previous year expenses on financial report). This service includes (Apr – Oct):
      1. Mowing and weed control of front entrance – east side of Conant, sidewalk area weeds-take back about two feet from walkway.
      2. Mowing retention pond areas.
      3. Mowing back entrance behind houses on Mace Road which unfortunately includes picking up a lot of trash.
    2. Entrance Maintenance:
      1. Sprinklers annual maintenance (expenses on financial report)
      2. Planting annuals in pots and maintaining perennials completed by board member volunteer. Special thanks to Jon & Carolyn Iverson for their contribution of irises.
      3. Quality Lawn and Landscaping, Inc. performed spring cleanup, mulched entrance and walkway to school on 81st Court.
    3. Sidewalk: project request for Curbs/Sidewalk/Driveway at N Nodaway Ave to NW 79th Terr along NW Mace Road funding approved was not sufficient for new sidewalk, a second PIAC request was submitted waiting approval.
    4. Trees: Trimming of trees on Tipton was completed in the fall. These trees had been causing visibility issues.
    5. Pet Waste: When you walk your dog, please carry a plastic bag to pick up your dog’s poop. Complaints may be referred to Kansas City 311 Action Center as it is a violation of the following city ordinances:

Sec. 14-19. – Disposal of manure; removal of waste.

      1. (a) All manure accumulations in any pen, run, cage or yard establishment wherein any animal or fowl is kept shall be removed or disposed of in such a manner as to prevent the breeding of flies and the creation of offensive, disagreeable, or noxious smells or odors.
      2. (b) It shall be unlawful for the person in control of a dog, cat or other animals or fowl to allow the dog, cat or other animals or fowl to deposit manure on public property or on the private property of another person.
      3. (c) The owner or keeper of every animal or fowl shall be responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by such animal or fowl on public walks, streets, recreation areas or private property. It shall be a violation of this chapter for such owner or keeper to fail to remove or provide for the removal of such excreta before taking an animal or fowl from the immediate area where such excretion occurred.
      4. (Code of Gen. Ords. 1967, § 6.17; Ord. No. 48707, 6-22-78; Ord. No. 65201, 3-1-90)
    1. Proper removal of yard waste:
      1. Refrain from dumping or blowing lawn clippings, leaves, twigs, cut wood in ditches, edge of property lines, curb/streets.
    2. By-Laws Compliance:
      1. Thank you for your continued efforts in following the Brittany Oaks Bi-Laws which includes payment of dues, storage of boats and trailers, upkeep of homes.
      2. Please continue to resolve differences among yourselves and be respectful of each other.
      3. Standard operating procedures have been put in place for complaints, violations, frequently asked questions and past dues/liens.
    3. Dues: Online Payment option was a success: 42% of dues were paid online with a total of 98% paid in full.
  1. Financial Report: New accounting services have been acquired with much less responsibilities and cost. The accountant files yearly taxes, sends invoices, reviews monthly bank statements and completes monthly financial statements. The obtaining of mail, review/authorize/payment of bills, depositing dues checks, file annual state business registration, confirmation of paid dues for title companies or banks are now the responsibility of the board.
  2. Nomination/Confirmation of three open board positions
  3. Drawing for two free annual dues