2003 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homes Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2003

The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Brittany Oaks Homes Association was held at 7:30 at the Hope Fellowship Church.

There were 30 homeowners present.  The President of the meeting, David Price, declared that a quorum was present.  The Notice of the Meeting mailed to all the homeowners in the Brittany Oaks Newsletter was ordered filed with the minutes of the meeting.  The agenda for the meeting was distributed to all homeowners.

The Treasurer. Larry Boeshart, distributed the budget and reported theron and answered questions from the homeowners about budgetary items.  The report was approved and filed.

Michael P. Keleher, Lawyer for BOHA, explained the changes in the bylaws that were to be voted on and answered questions.  It was voted to read as follows:

To sue and be sued, complain and defend, in its Corporate name and to enforce, either in its own name or in the name of any owner within the subdivision, any or all building restriction which may have been heretofore or may hereafter be imposed upon any of the land in such subdivision, either in the form as originally placed thereon or as modified subsequently thereto;  provided, however, that this right of enforcement shall not serve to prevent such changes, releases, or modification of restrictions or reservation being made by the parties having the right to make such changes, releases or modification as are permissible in the deeds, declarations, contracts, or plats in which such restrictions and reservations are set forth, nor shall it serve to prevent the assignment of the rights by the proper parties, wherever and whenever such rights or assignment exists.  The expenses and costs of any enforcement proceedings shall be paid out of the general fund or the Corporation as herein provided for; provided, however the Association shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees, expenses and costs from any party found to have violated any of the building restrictions, covenants or conditions described hereinabove and in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions or the Brittany Oaks subdivision and/or the Brittany Oaks Homes Association Declaration.

The vote was taken by a show of hands, one person form each resident.  Wendy Thurston counted 25 for the change in the bylaws and 4 against the change.

The President, David Price, announced an open floor nomination for a 3-year term Board of Director.  Taking the place of outgoing Board of Director Helmutt Derra.  Nomination were Lori Johnson, Chris Warlond, David Pacer, and Brian Bectel.  The vote was taken by secret ballot.  A tie was counted 12 for Chris Warlond and 12 for Brian Bechtel.  A second ballot was given resulting in Chris Warlond 14 and Brian Bechtel 16.  Upon motion duly made, second and passed by acclamation, Brian Bechtel will be a Board Member for a 3- Year term.

There was discussion of the easement at 8101 NW 81Ct.  Steve Rodgers, Board of Director, explained 3 bids that were given for a walkway to be built in this area.  It was expressed that the budget was a concern.  Jim Keeney, Board of Director, gave a presentation on trees that need to be planted in the neighborhood.  There will be a list on the Brittanyoaks.org web site of the Do’s and Don’ts on tree planting.  The budget was discussed on getting more trees in the neighborhood.

David Price, President, expressed to the homeowners the need for more money to complete the projects.  It was then opened for discussion on how the Board should go about receiving the funds.  The majority of the homeowners present at the meeting were for increasing the yearly dues.

Coordinator, Dana Meachum, then discussed the Neighborhood Block Watch.

Thereupon, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.