2005 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homes Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2005

The Annual Brittany Oaks Homes Association meeting was held June 14, 2005 at Hope Fellowship Church.  The meeting time was 7:30pm.

There were 13 homeowners present.  David Price, President declared that a quorum was not established; therefore the election of new board members would not be a part of the agenda this evening.  There must be 10 percent of the entire subdivision present to elect new members.

David Price introduced all the Board Members and Officers present.

Dana Meachum provided a recap of the annual garage sale that was held June 4, 2005.  15 homeowner participated, low traffic this year and asked for input for next year.

Also she provided an update on the Neighborhood Watch program.  If a homeowner has a crime issue the information and details must come from that homeowner affected in order for the information to be passed on to the rest of the association.

John Brady, an officer from North Patrol spoke. He shared a program called “House to Watch”. If a homeowner is leaving on vacation, they can call North Patrol, give them the details and the police will patrol and watch the house while the homeowner is gone.

No solicitation decals can be obtained for the front door to control the solicitors coming through the neighborhood.

Michael Martin distributed copies of the treasure’s report. No questions, the report was approved and filed.

Brian Bechtel explained that additional mowing expenses would be incurred due to the added mowing of the entrance.

The floor was opened to discussion among Board Members, Officers and residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.


Julie Kloeppel