2008 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homes Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Tuesday April, 22 2008


The Following Households were present at the annual 2008 meeting:
Berndt, Paul and Janice
Brunker, Robert and Cynthia
Cox, Mike and Jill
Crump, Justin and Jennifer
Davis, Winford and Brenda
Derra, Martina
Dorward, Jeff and Jodi
Garver, Laurel
Harmon, Edward and Patricia
Higgs, Miranda and Ryan
Javan, Kazem and Nassrin
Jones, Jason and Nicki
Keeney, Jim
Kloeppel, Thomas and Julie
Miller, Phillip
Miller, Robert and Elaine
Molina, Jose and Jean
Murray, Michael and Carmen
Nelson, Richard and Kimberly
Schaff, Steve and Karen
Schreck, Todd and Angie
Spight, Anthony and Tammy
Stegeman, Jon and Laura
Taylor, Sam and Wanda
Walls, Michael and Laurie
Walters, Michael and Terri
Watson, Mike and Jill

Jim Keeney called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.

Introductions of Officers/Board of Directors
All officers and board members, except for Gary Corley, were present and introduced.

At least 10% of homeowners were present, therefore quorum is met.

Participants nominated and elected Todd Schreck as our new Board Member.  Todd will serve a three year term.

Treasurer, Larry Boeshart informed all homeowners of the past year’s expenses and income in the treasurer report.  He explained our operating statement and balance sheet and answered several questions regarding expenditures on neighborhood sidewalks, plowing, and other possible expenses.  Balance sheet and operating statement will be attached to these minutes.

Sidewalk Repairs
Jim Keeney explained the repairs completed on 12 various locations throughout the neighborhood.  One section of repairs was damaged by a child on his bicycle.

Crumbling Curbs
Serious concerns were raised regarding the crumbling curbs on 80th Terrace.  It was learned that repairs on such curbs may fall to the homeowner.  Homeowners brainstormed ideas about cost of the repairs and wondered if HOA could possibly pay for half of repairs.  It was noted that there may be a few spots to repair on 81st Court as well.

Front Entry
We will not be redoing the entry until construction on Barry Road is completed.  Water and Electrical will be added to the area and it was determined that we will work with what we have.  Homeowners asked if money was allotted for ongoing landscaping, maintenance, and seasonal expenses.  It was also questioned if our HOA dues would go up in order to improve the entry.  One homeowner suggested we apply for city funding to fix the entry (Northland Neighborhoods Funds).

Barry Road Update
Jim Keeney shared that the city is currently in legal disputes with several homeowners on Barry Road.  Construction is on hold until these legal issues are resolved.  Bids to pave Barry will not go out until the Fall.  He shared that we cannot expect completion of this project until Winter 08 or Spring 09.

Officer Dan Watts
Informed homeowners that budget cuts did affect the KCMO Police Force.  They may be taking over KCI police duties as well as Northland neighborhood responsibilities.  He shared that he and Dana Meachum correspond regularly and if any homeowner has questions or concerns she would be a good link to connect with him.  Several questions were posed to Officer Watts such as…
“Can we get signs in neighborhood signs that say ‘Children at Play’?”
“Can we still look into speedbumps, crosswalks, closing the back entrance?”
“What do we do about speeders if the above are not options?”
“Can the police come and sit and issue tickets?”

Officer Watts told neighbors that if they can get the time, place and license plate number of a speeder, he can issue a ticket.  He also left his card with telephone number and email address.

Corner Damage
On Conant and Tipton.  Thoughts revolved around place a large rock there so that continued damage would not occur.

Tree Damage
Jim discussed the damaged trees in the neighborhood.

Brittany Oaks website…address shared and contact for Dana Meachum was given if anyone has questions or concerns.

Jim Keeney shared information regarding local weather reports and provided the address www.weather.gov

Drawing for one year of free HOA dues.  Winners are Mike and Jill Watson.

Representative Robert Miller from Hope Fellowship Church provided information and updates on upcoming events.