2011 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homes Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2011

Start Time: 7:11 p.m.

Jim began with introductions of the team to everyone at the meeting

Outgoing/ Vacant Positions: Only Nomination was for Vice President
Todd Schreck was Awarded V.P. Status
Julie Koppel is a possibility for Secretary

Larry Boshart ( finance ) went through Income statement from Jan 2010- Dec 2010 and Jan 2011-March 2011

There was a question about Snow Removal and if it was done by the city this year- the answer was yes, but we spoke of using some of the HOA funding to provide better snow removal from the neighborhood in the future.

Newsletter Topics:
Maintaining front entrance – bulbs, lights trees
Walkway to highschool needs repair
Lawn Mowing service on east side and on back entrance for better view out to mace
Water for front entrance
Neighborhood Spring cleaning / Dumpster Monday through Thursday .  May 9th for neighbors only

i.      Tom FORD works for ALLIED waste and could get us a discount for the dumpster

Neighborhood Garage sale June 3rd-4th.  We discussed options of new advertising.

i.      Using Craigslist
ii.      Creating a new banner

Neighborhood Deck Crawl is June 11th.  Still looking for people to nominate their deck.  Nobody has signed up yet.

Issues that continue in the neighborhood
Barking Dogs
Animal Droppings

AT&T U-Verse coming to Brittany Oaks

Welcome Committee and Website
Dana mentioned hiring a company like other HOA in the Northland do.  The company will maintain website.
David Codding does this for a living and offered to help (816-587-9455)
Welcome Committee has several volunteers : Margo Willett (8108 NW 80th st..no ph #), Roxy Baker ( 8208 N. Conant ave. 816-326-7310), and Dana Meachum.

It was suggested that we offer up free advertising in the packets to those that live in the neighborhood
There was a need for a 3 Year Board Member – KAZ JABAN volunteered.

Announcement of Youth Garage Sale at Hope Community on May 20th and 21st

Lots of discussion of the neighborhood curb issues

WE can look for Grants
We are not allowed to do it ourselves as a HOA
City has no money, but we can try to get our name on the list
There is a capital improvement program we can apply for

People’s Home and keeping up Maintenance
The Association will start taking pictures of issues and mailing the home owner a letter with the pics letting them know what will be sent to the city ( based on the ordinance).  Giving them the opportunity to clean it up.

DUES Winner:  BRANDY OUDEALINK  8104 NW 80th St 816-741-4694
DUES WINNER: DAVID CODDING 8109 NW 80th St 816-587-9455

List of Attendees:

Kaz Javan
David Codding
Dana Meachum
Brandi Oudealink
Van Hooser
Jim Keeney
Roxy Baker
Margo Willett
Kenneth Davis
Todd Schreck
Ted Harmon
Tom Ford
Tom Kloepper
Laurel Garver
Katie Wilson
Rob Miller
Anthony Spight
Riley Davis
Sharon Gattschalk
Elena Rodriguez
Mike Cox
Nathan Dulle