2013 Meeting Minutes

Brittany Oaks Homes Association
Annual Meeting
May 7, 2013

Jim Keeney, President called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
• The Board members introduced themselves.

Dana Meachum shared the crime reports from May 7, 2012-May 7, 2013.
• Largest complaint is speeding in the neighborhood; a radar box may be set up in
Brittany Oaks to monitor speed.
• Texting alerts may be something we incorporate soon

Don Donnell asked the board to talk to his neighbor regarding fireworks for the coming holiday.
Mr. Donnell is concerns about fire and debris following the holiday on his home and
surrounding homes.

Items of discussion:
• Sprinkler system valve has been replaced twice due to theft, cost is roughly $1000.00
each occurrence.
• Walkway in cul de sac at 81st Ct. was extended to meet up with the property of Park Hill
School District. This is used by children and adults as an easy access to the stadium for
football games or just the daily walk to school.
• Future bridge will be built to make the walk easier
• Lawn service has been instructed to use easements to gain access to pond areas for
• During our winter, all plowing was provided by Kansas City, MO. Brittany Oaks did not
need to hire private contractor for this service.
• Any complaints about dog barking, homes in disrepair or lawn concerns should be
directed to 311, consumer action line.
• Signs to remind dog walkers to “Scoop your Poop” will be installed along Conant Ave.
• Welcome packets to new homeowners

Treasurer report was provided by Jim Keeney.
• A suggestion was made that travel expenses to the court house should be added to
resident’s bill and collected when back dues are eventually paid.

Garage Sales Dates: June 7-8, 2013
Dumpster Dates: June 10-11th 2013
• No paint, oil, yard waste, old computers, or lawn mowers in dumpster

Jim shared that the board would be looking into changing the covenants of Brittany Oaks to
ensure that our neighborhood remains attractive and pleasing to potential new families looking
to move in.

Elections of Officers:
• Paul Berndt: new board member
• Dave Rierson: new board member
Thank you to both of these neighbors!

Winner of the “Free Dues for 2013” drawing
• Jason Boles and Ed Harmon

Meeting was adjourned 8:15pm

Julie Kloeppel