Neighborhood Dumpster – Canceled

UPDATE: November 21st, 2017: We were unable to find volunteers and arrangements did not work out for the second date we had planned. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for the Spring dumpster as we cannot continue to sponsor this event without some help. Stay tuned for details.

For the last several years, Brittany Oaks has provided a dumpster for the neighborhood to use for Spring cleaning. It was suggested at the annual meeting to add a Fall date as well, and October 16 was tentatively planned.

Trash left outside the dumpster.

All of this trash was left outside the dumpster for others to clean up and dispose of after it was left behind.

Unfortunately, the Spring dumpster was anything but smooth. Aside from the usual dumping of disallowed items and overfilling, many heavy objects were left outside the dumpster. These items included a ping-pong table, cabinets, tires, and a grill, as well as all kinds of loose cardboard, pallets, and trash.  It was cleaned up once late in the evening. By morning,  the area was a total mess again and a large number of items did not get picked up.

It didn’t help the dumpster company was a day late picking up items, but this is unacceptable. The regulations were ignored and items were dumped with no respect for the neighborhood.

If Brittany Oaks arranges a Fall dumpster, it MUST BE MONITORED by volunteers and NOT LEFT OUT OVERNIGHT. If we cannot get enough volunteers, it won’t be ordered.

Thank you for your understanding. Let’s work together and make this event successful so we can continue to offer it in the future.