Neighborhood Garage Sale: June 3rd, 2017

2017 Garage Sale: June 3rd

As in the past, the annual neighborhood Garage Sale will be held the first weekend of June, which falls on Saturday, June 3rd. Although we won’t advertise a Friday date, many homes in the neighborhood will also be open Friday. Some of the surrounding neighborhoods share this date so there should be plenty of traffic in the area.

There are no fees to participate. Just open your garage on Saturday. It begins around 8:00 am and runs until about 4:00. Ads will be placed in the Kansas City Star, Sun Tribune Newspapers and Craigslist.  Signs for the garage sale will go up a week prior to the sale.

Neighborhood Dumpster: June 12th

Following the Garage Sale, BOHA will once again provide a dumpster for Brittany Oaks neighbors to use during their spring cleaning projects. The dumpster will be placed in the Church parking lot on Monday, June 12th. To ensure we can continue to offer this in the future, PLEASE do not use the dumpster to dispose of items not allowed in the guidelines, or leave items outside of the dumpster.


  • No TV’s or computers.
  • No major appliances
  • No tires or batteries
  • No liquid paint, motor oil or fluids
  • No old lawn mowers or engines
  • No brush/yard waste.
  • Brittany Oaks HOA residents only!

LOOK FOR A DUMPSTER THIS FALL TOO! The neighborhood dumpster has been very popular, and we’ve had a number of requests to offer it twice a year.  It was decided by those who attended the annual meeting to make another dumpster available in October. The tentative date is Monday, October 16th.  Please watch our site for details and be sure to subscribe to our email list to be reminded.