Water shade trees to avoid drought stress!

With the ongoing drought and heat, it is important to water your trees and shrubs in the landscape and along the neighborhood streets for survival.  Place your hose close to the base of the tree and let a small stream of water run for an hour or longer, about 10 gallons would help tremendously.  Doing this once every couple of weeks will help them get through the summer drought until rain hopefully returns this fall.

Check out the following article for more information.


Welcome to BrittanyOaks.org!

We’ve recently redesigned our website and created a new Facebook page and Twitter account! We want our neighborhood to be connected in every way possible and to help you stay informed about the things that affect us all here in Brittany Oaks.

Please take a look around and be sure to “Like” our new Facebook page. We’ll begin posting all announcements there so they show up in your FB news feed. And if you are not already receiving our emails, you can subscribe to our list on the right side of this page.

Neighborhood Calendar:

Confused about holiday trash schedules? Check out the Calendar. Delayed trash dates are listed there as well as future events such as meetings, garage sale dates, etc.

Upcoming Projects:

This Summer some sprucing up and minor repairs will be done to the walkway that runs between 81st Ct and the field behind the school. In addition, a small wooden bridge will be built and placed over the ditch at the end of the path to help the children cross at that point. The path repairs and bridge should be completed by this Fall when the new school year begins.

Have a question? Contact info can be found here.


BOHA 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

The BOHA annual meeting had a good turnout.

The following documents are now available for those who did not attend:

2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

Current BOHA Financial Statements


Welcome to Our New 3 Year Board Member:  Rondi Miller.  Rondi and her Husband Phil live at 8117 NW 80th Terrace.


Congratulations to our Drawing Winners:

1 Year Free Homeowners Dues:  Mick Thompson

1 Year Free Homeowners Dues:  Lori Johnson

$100.00 Zona Rosa Gift Certificate:  Dana Meachum


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for the neighborhood or brittanyoaks.org



Brittany Oaks Annual Meeting – April 10th – 7:30pm

We are looking for New Board Members.  Nominations are welcome.

Board Members needed:
  • One Three Year Board Member
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
Topics for Discussion:
  • Crime Updates
  • Neighborhood Issues and Projects
  • New Website & Neighborhood Email
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale Date
  • Neighborhood Dumpster Dates


There will be Two Drawings for Free Annual Homeowners Dues & a Drawing for a $100.00 Gift Certificate for Zona Rosa
Meeting to be held at Hope Fellowship Church in the Front of the Neighborhood.

Hope to see you there!

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