Park Hill Band Fundraiser

The Park Hill Band is having a fundraiser to support an upcoming program with the Boston Brass. This will be a phenomenal opportunity for some of our kids to play with some world renowned professional musicians. If you appreciate fine music, or are a connoisseur of great musical talent, or just want that kid next door to play a note that doesn’t sound like he’s stepping on a cat, a limited time opportunity exists for you to be an instrumental part of their growth.

Now don’t laugh, but they are selling mattresses. Yes, Mattresses! If you’ve had your current mattress for more than 7 years it’s probably infested with all kinds of nasty creatures and microscopic beasts I’d just as soon not know about. So here is your chance. Print off the attached flyer, find the closest band member to you ( I know there are at least 6 or 7 in Brittany Oaks) come to Park Hill High School Saturday to look at a quality mattress at below retail price, tell the salesperson who sent you (if you don’t know any band members close to you Justin Keehler will be glad to be a referral), and go home with a clean, hermetically sealed, plush, warm mattress to get cozy in. Take the flyer and get an additional $50 off, all while helping make Brittany Oaks a more harmonious and peaceful place to relax. The next time you hear that kid next door nail the right note you can take pride in knowing that he is getting better because of you. – Allen Keehler


Get the flyer and coupon here:

Park Hill High School Band 2015 Fundraiser